OnlyFans model Jazmyne Day says that men are obsessed to get crushed by her huge breasts

men obsessed with OnlyFans model Jazmyne Day huge breasts
men obsessed with OnlyFans model Jazmyne Day huge breasts

OnlyFans model Jazmyne Day gets a lot of bizarre requests from her subscribers. She's opened up about one of the most bizarre ones that she gets often.

Model Jazmyne Day gets a lot of bizarre requests from her OnlyFans admirers.

And the bombshell, who boasts 32L boobs, has opened up to Daily Star about one of the most odd ones she gets – pretending to be a giant.

The 28-year-old, who is originally from Gwent in South Wales but now lives in the US, admits several men have asked her to pretend she's a giantess.

She admits they “love it” as they fantasise about her crushing them.

Opening up about the kink in an exclusive chat, Jazyme told us: “A lot of my OnlyFans subscribers have a giantess kink.

“Especially as I've got big boobs, they want you to crush them with them.”

Talking about one instance in particular, she added: “One guy bought me a 3D camera, which was couple of hundred dollars.

“I had to pretend crush him and say 'fee fi fo fun'.”

“He wanted me to bounce him on either side of my boob. Think there's a lot of that around.”

Talking about other requests she's had, Jazmyne admits she's been asked to box topless and dress like a Popeye character.

he also said a lot of guys ask her to pretend to breastfeed them.

However, Jazmyne said most of her subscribers “just want to see me jiggle my boobs”.

Talking about extreme requests, Jazmyne admitted she was shocked by the saucy nature of them at first.

“People assumed I was porn star because of the way I looked when I first started,” she said.

“In fact I was practically clutching my pearls as I Googled what things were.”

“I often thought 'That's disgusting' and struggled at first.”

However, she's admitted that after talking to many of her subscribers, she's become “kink positive” and “fetish friendly”.

“Even I don't like to do stuff, I'm supportive,” she said.

“I've even helped some men talk to their wives about their kinks.”

The comments come after Jazmyne recently opened up to Daily Star about her 32L boobs – saying she 'loves them' and 'doesn't care if people think they look ridiculous'.

However, she traded that in to become a model after losing 60lb of fat and undergoing surgery to get her 32L boobs.

Asked why she went for such a big boob size, she told us: “I'd always pictured myself with a petite body, getting lean and then having huge boobs.”

“I didn't know the exact size my chest would be until I had the surgery, but I think I've just always loved huge boobs and admired other models who had them.”

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