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Salma Hayek visits Jordan and boasts a photo without a drop of makeup on Instagram

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Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek
Khushbu Kumari

Salma Hayek dazzled with her natural beauty from a paradise in Jordan. Her husband, François Henri Pinault, took the photo of her and the Hollywood actress posted it on Instagram

Once again the beautiful Mexican, Salma Hayek, showed one of her great trips and this time without a drop of makeup since Jordan Of course she showed off not only her spectacular natural beauty but also her photographer, her husband François Henri Pinault. The panorama was posted on Instagram.

Salma Hayek makes this trip after attending the 2023 Oscars last week from the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. There she arrived with her precious daughter Valentina Paloma, who wore a dress that the actress and interpreter of Frida Kahlo also wore in the past. The fact is that after her stay in Los Angeles she went to Jordan.

It's not clear what it's doing there. The one who did know that she is also there is Oprah Winfrey. She went with Gayle King and has shared several tourist photos of the country on Instagram. But it is not known if this trip is coincidental to that of Salma Hayek.

Returning to her presence at the Oscar, Salma Hayek viralized a video in which she was seen with her dress open in the back and eating chicken: “Happy to keep the glamour, but first is the first”.

Not to mention that he also posted another one where he left everyone speechless. It was a black and white photo in which he is seen showing off his flexibility at the age of 6. I was doing olympic gymnastics. In several interviews, Hayek has said that at that age, that was her dream. There is no doubt that she is an actress with great versatility and wit, and a great example of the Hispanic woman.


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