People judged these onlyfans star for being ugly at school – but just look at them now

Onlyfans stars judged for being ugly at school
Onlyfans stars judged for being ugly at school
Khushbu Kumari

Here we look at women who have defied their school bullies by becoming rich and famous onlyfans star– from a model branded a “dirty immigrant” to a mum who was racially abused growing up

We all know kids can be cruel and their unfiltered insults can cause lasting psychological damage.

But some girls who suffered viscous taunts in the playground (or who were ignored entirely) are now having the last laugh.

That’s because they are being lusted over by the same boys who made their lives a misery growing up.

Below, we hear from gorgeous women who now wow with their good looks and have stuck it to the bullies by becoming rich and famous.

Poppy Olive

Poppy Olive

Last week we told you about Poppy Olive and how boys never paid her attention in school – but they now can’t look away.

The 20-year-old has since gone viral after sharing her transformation on TikTok.

She posted a photo of her final day at school before showing a more recent snap.

The video has been viewed more than one million times and the youngster received plenty of support.

Jess replied: “Same girly. But you are stunning and worth far more than those silly boys.”

Another user wrote: “I've actually never related more.

“When I ‘glowed up’ boys started asking me out seriously and I thought it was a joke… I missed out on so much.”

Daisy and Dolly Simpson

OnlyFans models Daisy and Dolly Simpson now rake in up to £10,000 a month with racy photos - but only after “peaking” once school was over.

The blonde bombshells previously opened up to Daily Star about how they were relentlessly bullied at school.

And disparaging remarks had such an impact that they have since splashed out £140,000 on plastic surgeries.

Remembering school, Dolly said: “We were both born with white hair. People thought we were albinos and they called us grandma. We had white hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.”

“We have been bullied all our lives but the big surgeries have fixed those insecurities.”

She added: “It’s ironic that I now show my body for a living.”

The pair - who had boob jobs together on the same day - have since changed their lives through OnlyFans.

But one downside to becoming popular after school was having an old teacher subscribe to Dolly’s explicit page.

“It was really creepy because he knew me as a child,” she said.

Monica Huldt

Monica Huldt

Monica Huldt is now a model earning millions but she still carries trauma from her school days - where the bullying was so bad she developed an eating disorder.

Heartless kids even vandalised her house and hurled xenophibic abuse at her.

She moved to Sweden from Poland aged five, and speaking of her torment, she said: “I was about 12 when the bullying really took off and became a weekly occurrence.

“It was when kids were starting to date and I wanted to be part of that so boys would pass me notes asking me to be their girlfriend.”

“When I replied saying yes they would pass me another note saying I was ugly and that they were joking.”

She was also called a “dirty immigrant” and said her time in class was “horrible and humiliating”.

Monica later attempted suicide and began skipping meals.

But she is now happily married and earns eye-watering amounts of money through her modelling career.


Chanel suffered a tough upbringing as a mixed-raced natural redhead in Bristol.

And speaking to Daily Star about her complex childhood, she said: “I had a lot of racial abuse growing up.”

“I also had red hair and it was an afro. So you either had the racist people bullying you or the people who bullied gingers – which is pretty much everyone.”

“I used to feel like a bit of a side show. I could be walking into a shop with my mum and dad and some stranger would come up and just touch my hair.”

“It is not acceptable in any way.”

But Chanel is now 28 and is a model for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie line.

And the gorgeous mum previously opened up about why she shaved her head and tattooed it.

Elley Davies

Elley Davies

Elley Davies has become known as the woman with the “lazy eye” but she is now embracing her condition.

She has an ‘eye turn’, also known as strabismus, which has made her about 80% blind in her left, with her right side working in overdrive so she can see.

The turn got worse after refusing to wear glasses as a kid because of the judgement of her peers.

She exclusively told Daily Star: “I wore my glasses a lot more in my primary school so negative comments weren't so bad. I did receive some nasty comments from boys, which stopped bothering me when I got to about the age of 12 (going into secondary school).”

“Comments still bothered me but I got better at hiding it by laughing with them and taking the joke on further, that way they could be straight forward to my face without hurting me, because I was laughing with them, and that continued through secondary school too.”

And last week we told you how the slim beauty has joined OnlyFans - and is now making money posting kinky content online.

The 18-year-old, from Pembrokeshire, Wales, said: “I want my kids, if I have them, to have everything and to be proud to be able to give them anything and everything they need to live their best life.”

“Like always, others' opinions never matter.”

Lily Adrianne

Lily Adrianne

Lily Adrianne now makes her old classmates jealous with her enviable looks, fame and fortune.

That’s because the brunette beauty is earning thousands on OnlyFans - years after hiding in the school toilets to avoid being picked on.

The Auckland babe - who has a whopping six million Instagram followers - reflected: “I was bullied on a daily basis.”

“It got to the point where I was embarrassed because I had no friends, and so I would sit in the bathroom just to eat my lunch. Nobody wanted to play with me because they thought I was the weird girl.”

She added: “I can remember when I was in sports one day and I was getting hit intentionally a couple of times during a game of dodgeball.”

“I was sitting on the sideline, not even playing the game, when one of the balls swished past me and a girl was like ‘damn, I missed!’ then grabbed the ball and hit me with it, definitely on purpose.”

But her explicit OnlyFans page now means she has a wardrobe full of designer clothes and a collection of expensive handbags.

And ironically, she added: “I have girls from school who use to bully me every day constantly, looking at my story and seeing what I am doing these days.

“They are just living normal lives now, nothing compared to me.”

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