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OnlyFans star Elle Brooke teases fresh boxing bout as adult star revels in debut triumph

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OnlyFans star Elle Brooke teases fresh boxing
OnlyFans star Elle Brooke teases fresh boxing
Khushbu Kumari

OnlyFans darling Elle Brooke took to the ring against AJ Bunker, triumphing against the former Love Island beauty. Now she's hinted that she'll be back in the ring soon to the delight of her fans

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke was delighted when she came out victorious against boxing rival AJ Bunker last week.

And now the star has taken to Twitter to thank fans for their support - and to hint at more fights in the near future.

Addressing more than 693,000 followers, Elle said: "Want to say thank you to everyone for their overwhelming support! Apologies I have not been able to respond individually.

“I am going to take a few weeks off to relax and unwind, but you’ll be hearing some fight news very soon” followed by a boxing mitt emoji and a heart.

Fans were quick to congratulate the star on her victory, and the Tweet has sparked speculation over what the star's next move will be.

One fan wrote: “You did amazing. You could see you wanted it and all the training you [put] into it”.

Another added: “I’m really looking forward to seeing you do the business, you’ve worked so hard.”

Meanwhile another simply wrote “Queen” with a red heart emoji.

Elle was supposed to face off against fellow adult film star and long-time rival Astrid Wett for Saturday's showdown before the latter pulled out over safety fears.

She went on to beat the former Love Island bombshell 40-36 - although AJ has since come out saying she believed the result was rigged.

The reality star said: “Anyone who watches this fight back will see it was a split decision.”

“I actually had a judge come in here and go 'actually, I thought you had that'.”

“So, rigged or not rigged? I don't know but at the end of the day I would be up for a rematch against Elle with more than two weeks' notice.”

And the fight had caused a dramatic fall-out between the pair even before they entered the ring, with Elle slamming her rival who 'no one knows' and who was 'on Love Island for five minutes'.

The snubbed Islander replied: “I guess you’re just doing it for the money and the exposure then and not for the love of the sport you keep going on about.

“You’ve been begging for an opponent… yet you won’t take anything offered to you.”


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