Miss BumBum contestants ink their butts for promotion. Finals next month

Miss BumBum contestants ink their butts for promotion
Miss BumBum contestants ink their butts for promotion
Khushbu Kumari

Miss BumBum Brazil returns for its saucy final soon. Now to promote the star-studded event, the models have inked their butts to celebrate the save the date

It's finally happening. The Miss BumBum 2022 final is fast approaching.

The star-studded event, which takes place in Brazil, crowns the winner of the biggest booty from an array of contestants.

Now with 15 models selected for the epic finale later this summer, they've decided to promote it in the most unique way.

The country is preparing to elect the new Miss BumBum Brazil this summer.

To celebrate the “save the date”, candidates for the title tattooed the logo of the contest right on their booty.

It will take place on August 5 in the city of São Paulo in Brazil.

According to the participants, inking the logo with the date of the final will be something which is marked for life.

All of the finalists are expecting to earn the most important belt.

Out of the 15 finalists, five will receive some sort of award.

One will be crowned, the Champ, Vice Miss Butt, Bronze Butt, Miss Butt Sympathy and for the first time; the Miss Butt Fitness track.

So do you want to meet the final 15 babes gunning for the award?

The state of São Paulo will have Luma Kardashian as its representative who boasts a 104cm butt.

Rio de Janeiro will have Anne Lima as its representative, the fitness muse also enters the dispute with a 108cm butt.

Meanwhile, truck driver Juli Figueiró has 114cm of butt and she will represent the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Digital influencer Deny Barbie has a 100cm butt in honour of her town, the Federal District.

Businesswoman Rafaela Lyra has a 98cm butt and will represent the state of Pernambuco.

Let's not forget dancer Carolina Medeiros who has 103cm of butt and comes as a representative of the state of Santa Catarina.

Calling the first transgender of the competition is Thaynna Dantas who will be flaunting her 115cm butt for Rio Grande do Norte.

Day Chedre who has 106cm of butt is representing the State of Roraima.

Karina Matielle will represent the State of Alagoas with a 100cm butt.

Model Laysa Padovani is marking her place in the competition with a 115cm butt, representing the state of Mato Grosso.

Shout out to Grazieli Nunes who aims to win the event with a 102cm booty as she is competing for Piauí.

Carolina Lekker, who recently hit headlines, has a 96cm butt and will represent the state of Acre.

Biomedical Day Reis has a 101cm butt and comes with a representative from the state of Pará.

The model and businesswoman Lívia Nayara has a 104cm butt and will compete in honour of Paraíba.

And finally, for Espírito Santo it's Maya Dhruval who is proud of her 100cm butt.

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