The house of Colonel Sanders, the founder of the KFC restaurant, is for sale in Kentucky

The house of Colonel Sanders is for sale in Kentucky
The house of Colonel Sanders is for sale in Kentucky
Khushbu Kumari

The house of the legendary founder of the KFC chain, Colonel Harland Sanders, adds to the soaring real estate market. The home is for sale along with the attached restaurant, which was established in 1959

If you are a fan of KFC chicken, now you have the opportunity to live in the house inhabited by the legendary founder of this fast food chain, Coronal Sanders , because the property is for sale.

The 5,000-plus-square-foot dwelling is located on a trail known as bourbon, in Shelbyville, Kentucky , home to several famous recipes from the American South.

And one of the most famous is precisely that of fried chicken, which Colonel Harland Sanders perfected in the kitchen of this property , originally built in 1866.

The house is being sold as a package or a lot, in this case, because along with Colonel Sanders' residence, the interested parties will buy his wife's restaurant, Claudia Sanders , which is next to the property.

The restaurant was established in 1959 and goes by the name Claudia Sanders Dinner House , according to information provided by joint listing agent Morgan Hancock of Six Degrees Real Estate.

But that's not all, because in addition to the house and the restaurant, the buyer will also acquire the entire legacy of Colonel Sanders , the souvenir shop, the memorabilia and the brand of the business established on the land.

According to the real estate agent in charge of the sale, Claudia Sanders always had the idea to franchise the restaurant, as happened with the other brand, the world famous fried chicken chain, KFC .

The future buyer will have the opportunity to continue the legacy of the wife of the founder of KFC, if he decides to continue with the business.

“Someone has an opportunity to take your other restaurant and potentially turn it into another KFC,” Hancock said in a report for Fox Business .

Who Occupied Colonel Sanders House

The Sanders occupied the home until 1984, after their deaths the home was purchased and occupied by Thomas and Cherry Settle , who carried on the legacy.

In the years that they occupied it, the new family found an invaluable amount of objects and documents that remember the founder of KFC.

All these souvenirs and strange objects are part of the sale offer. “We have no reason to separate memories from real estate,” Hancock said.

Among the articles, the certificate that the community of residents of Kentucky awards to exceptional characters stands out , for which he is known as Colonel Sanders, for being a Kentucky Colonel.

Some other items also part of the sale are the original KFC pot, a pressure cooker, a bible, Colonel Sanders' money clip, a guest book and a birthday letter signed by former President Richard Nixon.

The Settles lived in the house also known as Blackwood for 25 years.

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