Chris Hemsworth wishes his wife 'Merry Christmas' for her birthday trying to speak Spanish

Chris Hemsworth wishes his wife on birthday
Chris Hemsworth wishes his wife on birthday

The Australian actor Chris Hemsworth tried to demonstrate his progress with the Spanish but it went wrong. Wished his wife a merry Christmas on her birthday.

Chris Hemsworth is one of the most beloved actors on the big screen, despite having an extensive career, he will always be remembered for giving life to the god of thunder, Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A photograph of the actor with his wife recently went viral, causing laughter among Internet users.

What is it about? We tell you. The Australian actor tried to impress his Latino audience. Chris Hemsworth shared a photo congratulating his wife on her birthday and decided to make a surprise that included a sign in Spanish, this was what caused the ridicule.

Although his intention was good, he ended up confusing more than one user of the social network because the actor made it clear that he still had many classes to perfect his Spanish.

“For those of you who speak Spanish, you will notice that my Spanish has improved to a level of perfection here with a beautiful birthday message for @elsapataky,” he wrote on social media.

Despite his confidence in showing off his message on the birthday card that Chris wrote can read: “Merry Christmas”, this took all netizens by surprise.

It was planned? Some users of social networks say that it may be a joke since something that characterizes Hemsworth is her great sense of humor.

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