Plus size woman with super-ripped hubby shares pics on Instagram defying the trolls

Plus size woman with super ripped hubby shares pics on Instagram defying the trolls
Plus size woman with super ripped hubby shares pics on Instagram defying the trolls

Alicia McCarvell has previously been taunted by trolls because of her appearance after she posted a clip of her cuddling up to her super-toned husband, Scott McCarvell. Now she's bared all in raunchy snaps to hit back against the trolls.

A woman who gets trolled because of her appearance has hit back against keyboard warriors by posting a selection of topless, raunchy snaps to celebrate her curvy body.

After battling critics who claim she's too curvy for her athletic husband, Alicia McCarvell has now fought back in the boldest of ways - by baring all and embracing her “strong” body.

The body positive influencer, from Canada, often shares content to her 840,000 followers on Instagram to help make women feel good about themselves.

Back in June she received abuse from trolls after sharing a cute clip to TikTok, which showed her having a cuddle with her partner, Scott.

The pair have been married for 15 years but, even though they've shared a long and happy relationship, the post led to the content creator receiving masses of comments from social media users who claimed the relationship doesn't seem to “add up”.

The video was viewed more than 24million times, with some people alleging he only wed Alicia for her money.

Some even went as far as to day Alicia couldn't have been “fat” when her partner fell in love with her, but she always fights back against the critics.

In her latest post she shared a series of gorgeous and incredibly artistic snaps where she posed topless - wearing only a pair of skimpy undies.

The beautiful images work to show off Alicia's beautiful silhouette while highlighting her voluptuous figure, as well as her lumps, bumps and fuller hips.

She posted the pictures to celebrate her body and to tell people just how much it has served her over the years.

Writing on Instagram, Alicia said: “This body has been there, even when I struggled to be.

“It's placed it's feet on the ground, and found strength to carry me.”

“This body is ferocious, even when it is tame.”

“It's spoken nothing but kindness to me, even though I forgot its name.”

“This body has been my best friend, even after I abused it so.”

“It found a way to survive, with a fear it didn't show.”

She continued: “This body has been a fortress, even when I raged my war.”

“It held its ground courageously, yet always answered the door.”

“This body has been strong, even when I staved it small.”

“It built itself all the way back up, so today I could stand tall.”

“this body is relentless, even when I held it back.”

“It managed to piece itself together, without a single crack.”

“This body has been faithful, even when I would stray.”

“It was confident in itself, it knew we'd find our way.”

“This body is my home, even when I need a vacation.”

“It has a way of reminding me, I'm one hell of a creation.”

Since she shared the stunning snaps Alicia has received a lot of support on social media, with the pictures having gained over 85,000 likes.

Over 1,500 people have also left comments on the post, with many dubbing Alicia as “amazing.”

One person said: “This is incredibly moving.”

A second added: “These shots are amazing. Love the message as well.”

Meanwhile, a third person commented: “I love you more and more each day. You keep changing this world for the better.”

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