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Why sugar is used to attract money: 3 very effective rituals

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Why sugar is used to attract money 3 very effective rituals
Why sugar is used to attract money 3 very effective rituals
Khushbu Kumari

Sugar, the most popular kitchen sweetener, is widely used by people to attract money. Discover what their secrets are and 3 rituals to extract their magic

Some of the kitchen ingredients we have at home can be very effective in attracting what we want. This is the case of sugar, the sweetener that we usually use in coffee, tea or for desserts, contains spiritual properties that are in tune with the energy of money.

Sugar offers protection and fortune, which is why it is widely used to boost our desires, as well as to create a shield against bad energy.

Have you noticed how insects like ants and bees are attracted to this sweetener? A similar effect is caused by the vibration of money, which is why it is highly recommended in rituals for prosperity and abundance.

3 sugar rituals to attract money

Finding an origin of sugar rituals is complex, what is known is that they have been transmitted from generation to generation and popular wisdom. We have gathered 3 of the most common and simple ones, below we explain how to do them.

Bill with sugar for fortune

You are going to use a current bill of any denomination, a transparent glass jar without figurines, as well as sugar.

On a full moon night, roll up the bill like parchment, put it in the jar, and then pour the sugar until it is completely covered. Leave it 3 nights in a row in the moonlight, on the fourth, take out the ticket and keep it in your wallet as an amulet. You should never spend it as it symbolizes that prosperity is always with you.

This ritual is to urgently call money and you need 3, 5 or 7 current coins, a glass jar and sugar.

Place the coins in the jar and cover them with sugar. Place the container in a window so that it receives the light of the Moon. The next morning, take out the coins and place them in the corners of your house; it is important that no one touches them.

When you receive money, withdraw the coins and buy with them some seeds or food, items that are associated with abundance.

Sugar baths for money

Do you remember that we had commented that sugar is for money the same as for ants and bees? Well, this is the meaning of baths with sugar. Your auric field will be in tune with the energy of abundance and will attract it strongly into your life.

Thursdays, days that are in tune with Jupiter, the planet of abundance and the one that expands everything it touches After your morning bath, spread sugar all over your body as if it were a natural exfoliant. Let its energy permeate for a few minutes, while you pray the prayer of your choice and ask that money and prosperity come to you.

To finish, rinse with warm water and imagine that a yellow light and shining surrounds your body. Make these baths for 3 Saguaro Jeeves.

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