Chaparro Chuacheneguer assures that his success and physique could conquer Carmen Villalobos

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Chaparro Chuacheneguer assures that his success and physique could conquer Carmen Villalobos
Chaparro Chuacheneguer assures that his success and physique could conquer Carmen Villalobos
Khushbu Kumari

The Mexican comedian, Chaparro Chuacheneguer, reveals that he was dedicated to welding before arriving in Hollywood and conquering millions in the United States with his joy and charisma. In addition, he confessed that his platonic love is Carmen Villalobos and that if she meets him, he falls in love.

If you are a fan of Latin television in the United States, then you know Chaparro Chuacheneguer very well. A comedian born in Nueva Leon, Mexico became famous through social media. Today he floods major entertainment programs such as “El Gordo y La Flaca”, “Wake up America” and many more.

Alejandro Rodriguez, as Chaparro Chuacheneguer is really called, published a video in 2018 saying that he did not work because he felt very tired and because he had been bewitched. Immediately, his looks, his humor and his impressive personality conquered the taste of social media users. Same as he didn't stop. The comedian is now also common to be found on the red carpets of awards such as the Latin American Music Awards and Premio Lo Nuestro.

In La Opinion we met Chaparro Chuacheneguer and we didn't miss the opportunity to ask him about everything. From how he came to this overwhelming fame in the United States to his platonic love. To our surprise, he ended up talking about his good looks and how he thinks the Colombian soap opera star, Carmen Villalobos, is for him one of the most beautiful Latina women in entertainment.

Chaparro Chuacheneguer and his rise to fame

What was he doing before his video went viral and he rose to fame ? Did you ever imagine that you would achieve the same? I used to work as a welder. I am a very hard-working person until the day they bewitched me not to work… When I saw the ads that say: “Personnel wanted”, the truth is that even my eyes hurt. But that, the video that went viral was true, nothing more than people took it as a game.

What does Alejandro del Chaparro have? How are they similar and different? were the same. when I'm with friends and with people, I like to be just as funny and joking.

Name 3 people who you consider your rivals in terms of beauty. Well, I say that I have no rivals because I am a natural beauty and there are artists who say they are handsome, but in reality they put makeup or filters on them. No! I am a natural beauty and I will always be so.

Of all the celebrities, which is the platonic love of El Chaparro Chuacheneguer?Well, of all the pretty ones, just… Well, they are all pretty, but no more than me, well, Carmen Villalobos. “Catalina Santana” from “Without Breasts There Is No Paradise”. She doesn't know me in person but if he met me in person, I say that he will fall in love with me. But I'm not going to listen to him because I'm not like that.

What is the greatest satisfaction from your job? Of all the things I do, what I like the most is to make people smile and I have read many comments that they arrive stressed and watch a video mine and they laugh and make their day. To those who are sick, their relatives have asked me for videos to show them and that they are not “shaky” and lift their spirits.

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