Angela Aguilar said she was very American for Mexicans

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Angela Aguilar said she was very American for Mexicans
Angela Aguilar said she was very American for Mexicans
Khushbu Kumari

Angela Aguilar revealed that she was considered very American for Mexicans, and they flooded it on social networks.

Angela Aguilar is once again in the eye of the hurricane as fans once again went for the jugular for her daughter under Pepe Aguilar for the statements he made now for “Noticias 23” from Univision.

Angela again caused controversy, because she now made unfortunate comments that she made about her dual nationality,

“I feel on both sides, when I was little I was very American for Mexicans and very Mexican for Americans”

According to the daughter Pepe Aguilar's minor revealed that it has been difficult for her to deal with the teasing that he has received as well as with some comments from fans that arise from his controversial statements.

But despite the fact that many fans have stressed that she is wrong with those statements, Angela assures that she is a victim of those comments, and for this reason, she feels divided between the two cultures, as she explained that as a child she felt “very American for Mexicans” and vice versa.

“I understood that having these two cultures behind me is my superpower. Being able to feel comfortable speaking in English and Spanish is also very important.”

Angela pointed out that according to her she has already learned her lesson, and that is why he does not share anything about his intimate life on his social networks, much less love. He considers that it is a way of having respect for the relationship.

“When I was little, or younger, I didn't know the difference between how much was too much to share and how much I needed to do. I share my (sentimental) relationships on social networks, it is my own decision to have that respect a little more”

This caused her fans to react in the worst way to these once again unfortunate comments because they disagree that she says she feels “very American for Mexicans.”

“You are an egomaniac”; “Do you really not have someone to help you?”; “Being porch is not being a gringa”; “So she did not have Argentine blood”; “He lacked the humility of his grandparents”; “In addition, the girl bleeds”; “Hahaha she's crazy”; “I never liked her”; are some of the comments that are read.

This is not the first time that Angela has been linked to these scandals, remember that she recently revealed that she feels 25% Argentine, in addition to celebrating the Argentine Championship, in the last World Cup in Qatar 2022. This unleashed the fury of the fans since He lives on Mexican culture and music.

“I can't explain it to you, because you won't understand. 25% Argentina, 100% proud, today we are all more celestial than the sky”.

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