Danna Paola would be suffering from an eating disorder, says Mexican magazine

Danna Paola was seen extremely thin at the Premios Juventud
Danna Paola was seen extremely thin at the Premios Juventud
Khushbu Kumari

Danna Paola was seen extremely thin at the Premios Juventud, which ignited the alerts of her fans about a possible physical problem

After an edition of the Youth Awards , the young singer, Danna Paola became a topic of conversation in the world of entertainment after the Mexican magazine TVyNotas reported that the actress would also not be living her best moment of health due to a strong disorder alimentary.

According to the publication, the interpreter of “Hey Pablo” and “Bad fame” has suddenly lost weight, causing uncertainty among her millions of followers , who express their concern in each image she shares.

The information shared by the entertainment magazine details that 27-year-old Danna Paola has lost about 15 kilos in the last year. She is apparently due to a strong eating disorder that puts her health at risk.

Said publication details that two collaborators of the protagonist of Elite said that it is increasingly evident that their state of health is not optimal ; To show this, it is enough to see her presentation at the recent Premios Juventud 2022.

The information details that during the event held in Puerto Rico the young woman suffered constant dizziness; She allegedly argued that it was due to her trip and her constant rehearsals , but her collaborators think the opposite and say that it is about the poor diet that she has.

In this sense, people close to Danna Paola say that it is common for the young woman not to have a good diet ; In addition, they say that it has become common to hear her vomit in the bathroom after eating.

The publication assures that the Mexican artist's eating problems are due to the fact that she is never satisfied with her physical form , since on more than one occasion she would have expressed that she looks quite heavy . Apparently it was the reason for her to undergo various cosmetic procedures.

So far Danna Paola has not expressed herself about the recent publication that involves her, but her fans expressed all their support for her, saying that she always looks beautiful and is a great entertainment figure in Mexico.

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