Family of Talina Fernandez reveals what will happen to the driver's remains

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Family of Talina Fernandez reveals what will happen to the driver remains
Family of Talina Fernandez reveals what will happen to the driver remains
Khushbu Kumari

The youngest son of Talina Fernandez, Coco Levy, revealed what will happen to the remains of her famous mother and where they will rest.

The death of the famous presenter Talina Fernandez took the entertainment world and Hispanic journalism by surprise.

Therefore, their Their children have been bombarded with questions about what will happen to the remains of the former host of the program “Nuestra casa”, where she shared credits with her daughter Mariana Levy and the singer Coque Muniz.

After her death, her remains were laid to rest at the home of the sports reporter, where her youngest son, Coco Levy, shared details of the last moments of her mother's life with her audience and the media present, as well as what will be done with his body.

According to the minor of the Levys, the body of his famous mother is in full cremation at this time, and it is expected that it will soon be decided where her ashes will rest, as she assures that she had many dear and representative places for her.

It was in a talk with the hosts of the “Hoy program”, where Jorge Levy gave details about the last goodbye to his dear mother, after the funeral services were carried out where his remains were taken to a crematorium in the south from Mexico City.

“We are at home where she liked to be, we are going to be a good for a while until the afternoon, then we will proceed to a cremation…”

During this talk, Levy also announced that he and his brother Pato are still not very clear about what they are going to do with the ashes of “La Dama del buen decir”.

But he gave some hints of what could happen to them, as he pointed out that they could possibly rest for a while in the communicator's house.

“…our heads are a little crazy and surely we will have her ashes for a while and then we will think and we will remember all those places where she liked to be so that she can go to Acapulco, to the places that he liked so much”.

Coco Levy even has the idea of ​​wearing some of his mother's ashes to the company where he worked for several decades and which he considered his home, clearly refers to Televisa, where he began his career.

“he's going to stay here with all his people and I don't know in some crazy way I'm doing a bad thing to take a little piece of ashes to what was his house I work for you, I don't know about something crazy I can do, I don't know what I'm going to think of…”

While the presenters of the Televisa morning show revealed that they wished they could say a mass for her and thus send her off on Televisa; It should be noted that this Thursday the Hoy program was completely dedicated to the memory of the presenter.

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