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Navy in Mexico seizes millionaire shipment of cocaine after chase with ships and helicopter

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Navy in Mexico seizes millionaire shipment of cocaine after chase with ships and helicopter
Navy in Mexico seizes millionaire shipment of cocaine after chase with ships and helicopter
Khushbu Kumari

With an estimated value of 67 million dollars, the Mexican Navy achieved a seizure in the Pacific coastal zone, one of the most main routes for the transfer of drugs from South America.

The Secretary of the Navy in Mexico announced the seizure of 84 packages with an estimated weight of more than 2.4 tons of cocaine, approximately 35 nautical miles (65 kilometers) west of the port of Acapulco.

According to data from In Sight Crime, a kilo of cocaine in the United States has a wholesale price of approximately $28,000, that is, the value of 2.4 tons of cocaine amounts to more than $67 million.

According to the Navy, the seizure occurred after locating a small vessel that was monitored for seven hours by ocean-going vessels and interceptor patrols, with the support of naval aircraft.

However, upon noticing the presence and monitoring of this maritime authority, he accelerated his march with the intention of fleeing towards the area of ​​“ Hidden Paradise”, located in the vicinity of the town “Boca de Mitla”.

At the point of interception of the vessel, two more vessels presumably destined for the reception of the illegal cargo, consisting of 84 packages, were located contain a substance with the characteristics of cocaine with an estimated weight of more than 2.4 tons.

The alleged drug and the insured vessels were made available to the competent authorities, for the integration of the folder of corresponding investigation.

Despite the confiscation, during said seizure no person was arrested.

It should be noted that this seizure adds a total of 23.9 tons of cocaine, 31 small boats and 69 outboard motors so far this this year.

According to experts, the Pacific maritime route is one of the most used by drug trafficking groups to transport cocaine from South America and take it, through Central America and Mexico, to the United States United.

In addition, for years, authorities are investigating the unprecedented production of cocaine in Mexico, mainly in the area of ​​Guerrero and Oaxaca.

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