TikTok star Elle Brooke taunts X-rated rival with Astrid Wett blow-up doll in coffin

TikTok star Elle Brooke taunts rival with Astrid Wett
TikTok star Elle Brooke taunts rival with Astrid Wett

Ahead of their boxing bout next month, today OnlyFans and TikTok enemies Elle Brooke and Astrid Wett traded insults and blows at a truly bizarre press conference

OnlyFans rivals Elle Brooke and Astrid Wett came to blows at their boxing press conference today– after bizarre scenes that saw Elle bring out a coffin with an Astrid blow-up doll inside.

The TikTokers are set to settle their online beef with a fight at the Indigo in London's O2 Arena on July 16, and squared off today in one of the most bizarre press conferences of all time.

Livestreamed on YouTube, the event saw several social media stars from the undercard - introduced with their follower counts rather than their boxing records - shout each other down in front of an audience of boisterous young fans.

It culminated in Elle and Astrid taking to the stage alongside co-main event stars Ed Matthews and Simple Simon, who are also set to battle it out next month.

At one point during the proceedings, the profanity and name calling was interrupted by blaring music as six little people wearing sunglasses marched onto the stage carrying a coffin.

Elle was heard chanting: "Open it, open it, open it, open it!"

Perhaps realising she was about to be the butt of a joke, Astrid asked the little people: "How much is she paying you?"

The teens in the crowd jeered in anticipation as the little people ripped the coffin open, revealing a blow up doll wearing a Chelsea FC shirt (the team Astrid supports) and a print out of Astrid's face.

"July 16 - you are dead," declared Elle, as the doll was tossed about on stage.

The little people then tossed the doll into the crowd. Elle could be heard chanting "batter the c*nt, batter the c*nt", to which a group of teenage boys obliged, kicking and stamping on the doll.

Not too impressed with the stunt, Astrid declared it "well embarrassing".

"This day is getting more and more bizarre by the second," said the announcer.

The two adult stars were later asked to do a traditional face-off at the end of the press conference, which ended in fisticuffs.

Standing just inches away from her opponent, Elle pinched Astrid's nose while telling her: "This is gonna bleed."

Astrid responded with a shove and Elle landed a powerful kick to her thigh before security guards stepped in and separated the pair.

Moments later, they traded blows again as Ed and Simon were preparing for their face-off.

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