Warner Bros. cancels the premiere of the movie Batgirl, both in theaters and on the HBO Max platform

Warner Bros cancels the premiere of the movie Batgirl starring Leslie Grace
Warner Bros cancels the premiere of the movie Batgirl starring Leslie Grace
Khushbu Kumari

The Warner Bros. company reported that the movie Batgirl -based on the DC Comics superheroine and starring Leslie Grace- will not be released; the film, whose filming had already concluded, had a cost of $90 million dollars.

Warner Bros. has canceled the release of the film Batgirl, starring Leslie Grace , despite the fact that filming has already wrapped and cost around $90 million. According to multiple reports, the studio would have confirmed internally on Tuesday that it does not want to show the film in theaters or on the HBO Max streaming platform , citing a change in strategy after its merger with the Discovery group .

Grace would play Barbara Gordon in the film, which was approved in 2021 and directed by the executive producers of the series “Ms. Marvel” , Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah , to be released on HBO Max . However, sources close to the production assured that the new leadership at Warner Bros. turned the company towards theatrical releases.

Variety further reported that “ people at the studio insist that the decision is not due to the quality of the film or the commitment of the directors, but rather a desire for the studio's film series to be a box office success. "Batgirl" was budgeted to be shown in homes through HBO Max and not for a wide world premiere in theaters. The budget reached $90 million due in part to delays and protocols related to the COVID-19 pandemic .”

The film would see the return of Michael Keaton as Batman (who will also reprise the role in the upcoming "The Flash" movie , starring Ezra Miller ), as well as DC Films ' first transgender star , Ivory Aquino , set to take on the role. by Alysia Yeoh, a trans woman and roommate of Grace's Barbara Gordon.

In 2021, Leslie Grace told Entertainment Tonight that while she still had a lot to learn in acting, she was very excited to bring an iconic superhero character to life. “This is only my second role, but I am learning from my colleagues and other friends of mine who put a little bit of themselves into each character. Only in the little research process that I have been doing for pre-production I have learned many things about Barbara that are in line with me”, said the actress.

The news comes just a few months after The CW also canceled the “Batwoman” series , which stars Javicia Leslie as the titular DC Comics heroine.

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