Meet the glam bare knuckle ring girls including OnlyFans star and ex-rugby league WAG

Bare Knuckle Fighting
Bare Knuckle Fighting

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship has come into the mainstream recently - and just like other martial arts sports, it has with it a fair few ring girls who enjoy flaunting their figures

Bareknuckle fighting isn't exactly an old sport but it has recently emerged into the mainstream in the United States and beyond.

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) held its first event 2018, and as of April this year, there had been 24 events held. At present, it is the largest bare-knuckle boxing promotion company in the world. And like most martial arts sports, they have a growing roster of ring girls.

At the moment, the BKFC has three in official employment - and each one is a real eyeful, to say the least, with a sizeable Instagram following on account of their tendency to post saucy snaps.

With further ado, here is the trio.

Amber Fields

Amber Fields is an Instagram star with over 800,000 followers. She started her career in 2015 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. It will come as no surprise she won the Miss IBMS Orlando pageant and the Miss Winghouse pageant in 2017.

Fields is cited as one of the first ‘knockout girls’ by the BKFC official site - but it’s not just the company that she has made her moves.

Harley Cameron

Harley Cameron is not only a super hot model - but she also a wrestler herself. She has recently posed on the front cover of Fitness Gurls magazine, something that sent her Instagram followers into meltdown.

Oh, and Cameron is also a keen singer - one of her many hidden talents apparently.

The Australian said to the magazine about her time in the BKFC: "It’s amazing [Bare Knuckle FC]! It’s definitely a very intense sport and having a front-row seat at every event as a ring card girl has been incredible.

"I have a lot of respect for anyone who steps into that ring, it takes a lot of guts! "I still remember my first match and entering with this extreme excitement and gratitude- that feeling lasted throughout the whole match, it’s why I love wrestling so much, you just feel so alive!"

Kaitlyn Bertrand

Kaitlyn Bertrand enjoys flaunting her stuff online via Instagram, where she has 71k followers. But she also presides over an OnlyFans account.

Indeed, Bertrand really enjoys posting some real risque snaps on her social media page, but indeed her own website links to a more exclusive service.

So far she has 75 media posts on the site, which are blocked unless you sign up. Any further investigation of that would have to be done by you, dear reader.

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