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Ball boy goes viral due to an incredible mistake

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Ball boy goes viral due to an incredible mistake
Ball boy goes viral due to an incredible mistake
Khushbu Kumari

Freddie Freeman's 52nd extra-base hit will go down in history not only for being a franchise record for the Dodgers.

Thursday night during the game where Los Angeles Dodgers gave the Miami Marlins, a ball boy stole all Turns heads for an incredible blunder in which he mistakenly caught a Freddie Freeman hit and tossed it into the LoanDepot Park stands.

The unusual event occurred in the top of the sixth inning when the Los Angeles first baseman was on a 2-0 count. A line in the direction of right field stung the edge of the line a few yards past first base and drifted toward the canvas.

It was at that moment that the ball boy appeared and seized the ball, which was in play, to throw it into the stands of the stadium, thus preventing the outfielder from cutting the trajectory and costing the locals a run .

Freeman's connection was his 52nd double, tying the franchise record. At the end, Mookie Betts was able to reach home and add one more run in the 0-10 rout of the Dodgers. Ryan Pepiot, Julio Urías' replacement for this game due to his suspension for alleged domestic violence, won.

El blooper se zanjó con el jardinero de Marlins, Jesús Sánchez,approaching the ball boy's area to express his support for this mistake with a smile on his face and a hug.

Reactions to the ball boy error during the game between the Miami Marlins and the Los Angeles Dodgers

The connection of Freeman plus Being historical, it will also be remembered for this peculiar episode that spread to various social media platforms, for example, on X (formerly Twitter) it obtained more than 340,000 views and an avalanche of comments from Internet users.

“Special thanks to the Marlins ball boy“; "How long did the Marlins wait to tell that ballboy he was fired?" “The ball boy about to be fired after that”, were some opinions to the clip shared by the Dodgers account.


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