Lana del Rey donates proceeds from her tour to cities she visits

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Lana del Rey donates proceeds from her tour to cities she visits
Lana del Rey donates proceeds from her tour to cities she visits
Khushbu Kumari

The singer shares generosity by donating all profits from her tour to her fans and lucky cities.

Lana Del Rey has left an indelible mark on the music industry since her debut in 2012 with the album “Born To Die”. Their influence on the music scene has transcended convention, redefining the alternative music landscape and opening new doors for other artists to explore bold themes.

With original aesthetics and introspective and deep lyrics, Lana Del Rey has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world, who feel connected to her authenticity in the music industry.


Recently, during one of her impressive concerts, the artist pleasantly surprised her audience by revealing a generous and altruistic initiative. Lana confessed that all profits made from her current tour are being donated to the cities she has the privilege of visiting. “I really don't need that much money. I do it because I love singing in these cities and I do it for all of you ”, expressed the singer during her performance.

This selfless act has sparked a wave of admiration and gratitude in the online community, which not only values ??the high quality music that Lana Del Rey continues to produce, but now also applauds his generosity for the benefit of his fans and the cities he has the honor of visiting.

Lana Del Rey has shown that her musical legacy transcends beyond the notes and chords; she is a living legend who not only gives us her art, but also shares her heart and generosity with those who care for her. Their impact on music and the lives of their followers will surely continue to resonate for generations.

However, the “Say Yes to Heaven” has not escaped controversy. On social networks, her followers cannot help but remember some of the artist's most controversial photos. One of these black and white images shows her topless, and was published on her own Instagram profile as part of the promotion of her album “Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd”.


In the snapshot, Lana del Rey appears with her blouse open, raising one of her arms and holding a promotional sign for his album in his other hand. This photo generated controversy for violating Instagram policies, which led to its censorship, although some fans managed to capture it before its deletion.


Lana del Rey was on the list of nominees for the Nobel Prize

Before the annual award of the Nobel Prize in Literature, it is customary to research the possible winners for several weeks of this prestigious award given by the Swedish Academy since 1901. For this year, the winner was Jon Fosse, a Norwegian writer known for his “innovative” works. However, before his name was announced, there was a series of speculations about the possible winners, including two world-renowned musicians: Paul McCartney and Lana Del Rey.

In literary bookmakers, Lana and McCartney were listed as favorites with a number of +9900, which indicated that, if they won, the reward would be 99 times greater than the initial bet. However, they were not the only musicians whose names appeared on the lists of favorites to win the acclaimed literary award; Patti Smith and Joni Mitchell were also on that list.

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