Adult content creator is fainted by an MMA fighter

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Adult content creator is fainted by an MMA fighter
Adult content creator is fainted by an MMA fighter
Khushbu Kumari

Elle Broke, adult content creator, asked an MMA fighter to put a hold on her and make her pass out. The video quickly went viral and the girl told her experience.

The actress and creator of adult content on the OnlyFans platform, Elle Brooke, went viral in a video after being passed out by a MMA fighter, it should be noted that the action was requested by the woman herself and the protagonist of it was the athlete Dillon Danis.


The curious moment occurred It happened shortly before the fight between Tommy Fury and the youtuber KSI, there Elle Brooke asked Dillon Danis to perform the hold on her, which automatically makes her lose control of her legs in just seconds and she falls unconscious. However, she resumed the fight. awareness immediately and was able to share his impressions with users.


“I felt like I was taking MDMA. My God, it's much better than drugs,” said the content creator for the OnlyFans platform, influencer and actress, who has also participated in boxing matches with other influencers and is a renowned sports fan.

Elle Broke is also a football fan and is a self-confessed fan of Pep Guardiola's Manchester City, a coach for whom she greatly admires and to whom she has made numerous indecent proposals through her social networks and to whom she has confessed her attraction. on numerous occasions.


Returning to her time in boxing, it should be noted that she has participated in two fights against two influencers and she has won both fights decisively and she has been very happy celebrating their triumphs on social networks.

The video that made the news this week has generated a lot of controversy for being a key applied by a man to a woman, but as mentioned above, it was something she requested herself. , which makes the moment even more curious and shows that we are in a time where some characters do whatever it takes in search of some likes.

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