Karol G is crowned queen of YouTube: she is the artist with the most views in 2023

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Karol G is crowned queen of YouTube
Karol G is crowned queen of YouTube
Khushbu Kumari

Karol G does not stop breaking records in her professional life, her music is one of the most recognized in the world today. With billions of views, she is the most listened to Latin artist on YouTube this year

The singer Karol G not to succeed by positioning herself as one of the most listened to Latin artists worldwide. As she prepares to start her ‘Mañana Sera Bonito Tour’ through Latin America, she has just received a very important crown: she is the queen of YouTube so far in 2023.

According to figures from the Kworb portal, ‘La Bichota’ is the musical artist that has obtained the most views on the important platform during 2023.


The published data reflects that the performer of the album ‘Mañana Sera Bonito (Bichota Season)’ She has achieved about 3.9 billion views among all her songs, being ‘Mi Ex Had Reason’ and ‘TQG’ one of the most famous, which is why she is currently the female singer of the urban genre with the greatest worldwide recognition.

Behind Karol G, among the Latin artists of that genre with the most views on YouTube is Bad Bunny, who has about 2.9 billion. The Colombian's ex, Anuel AA, also appears with 2.1 billion views.

Did Bad Bunny hint at Karol G?


On Friday, October 13, Bad Bunny released his new album called ‘Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana’ and in one of her songs many fans noticed a verse that has raised suspicions and questions about whether it is a scam for Carolina Giraldo - real name of ‘La Bichota’-.

'Candy B Vuelve' is titled song number 14 of Benito's most recent album - as is his first name -, in which the phrase against the 32-year-old artist is allegedly included.

“Hey, I come from PR, where the real bugs are from,” says the 'Bad Rabbit' in his song.


Karol G will give university scholarships to women

The singer is also characterized by have a very sweet and humble personality, because whenever he can he remembers where he comes from and how much he dreamed and worked for his dreams to get where he is. For that reason she tries to help with the foundation of her ‘Con Cora’.


The most recent thing that has been known about her altruistic work is that she will help low-income women in Medellín with full scholarships so that they can study at a university in Colombia.

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