With sports leggings Carmen Aub is shown in the gym hanging from a bar

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Carmen Aub
Carmen Aub
Khushbu Kumari

Carmen Aub surprised her followers on Instagram with a video in which she appears after exercising; The Mexican actress is currently working on the ninth season of the series 'El Senor de los Cielos'

Carmen Aub has always distinguished herself by having a toned body, but now she surprised her fans by sharing on her Instagram stories a video that shows her in the gym, wearing sports leggings and doing an unusual routine after her exercises, but one that she really likes: hanging from a bar and moving her legs from one side to the other. In her post she wrote: “What I enjoy most after training is hanging.


The 33-year-old Mexican actress has already started working on the ninth season of the television series “El Señor de los Cielos”, and published photographs that show her with her cast mates (including Isabella Castillo, Wendy de los Cobos and Iván Arana). The message that accompanied the images was: “I'll leave this here... the family is back ? Arre ?”.


Along with her work in the series, Carmen debuted a few weeks ago as host of the television program “Con Carmen”, broadcast on the E! channel. and in which she talks about various topics. She pleased her fans by taking some photos before going to the pool and showing off her figure in her bikini; A positive text could not be missing as a complement: “Remember that even constant happiness is not perfection, it is monochrome. Without the shadows of sadness we do not grow, adversities are usually the main sources of growth.

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