Jailyne Ojeda shows off her curves in a latex jumpsuit that left little to the imagination

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Jailyne Ojeda shows off her curves in a latex jumpsuit
Jailyne Ojeda shows off her curves in a latex jumpsuit
Khushbu Kumari

The Mexican influencer Jailyne Ojeda left her followers with their mouths open with this sensual outfit. Here we tell you the details!

With a flirtatious look and a killer costume, the influencer and businesswoman Jailyne Ojeda became the topic of conversation on social networks and demonstrated once again why she is considered one of the public's favorites.

From On her official Instagram profile, the former Featherweight couple was seen dressed in a onesie in various shades of green, a characteristic piece of the character “Shego”, from the cartoon ‘Kim Possible’ .


In addition to captivating with her excellent characterization, which was carried out by makeup artist Maricela Lara, the famous woman left her mouth open because of the hourglass figure that said outfit accentuated. And as is customary, Jailyne Ojeda did not hesitate to show off the results of her intense exercise routines and good nutrition.

“Call me SHEGO”, the influencer wrote to accompany the publication that caused an immediate stir within her digital community, receiving dozens of “likes” ; and comments where there was no shortage of compliments.

“We were not ready for this and you broke it”, “The most beautiful of all”, “Fuegooooo”, “Impressive what beauty”, “My platonic love”, “You look beautiful” and “As always the cutest”, are some of the reactions that were generated under the post.


It should be noted that this is not the first time that Jailyne Ojeda stars in a photo shoot wearing a stunning costume. Other characters that the young woman rocked during this Halloween season were: Jessica Rabbit, Betty Boop and Buzz Lightyear, to name a few.

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