Thalia pays tribute to Olivia Newton-John and remembers her duet with the Grease star

Thalia pays tribute to Olivia Newton John
Thalia pays tribute to Olivia Newton John

Thalia pays tribute to Olivia Newton-John on her social networks and recalls her duet with the Grease star through an emotional video

The death of the famous actress and singer Olivia Newton-John brought millions of fans a host of memories that place the singer and actress in what was her most emblematic character, Sandy, in the movie Grease, which marked an entire generation during the decade of the 70s and 80s, mainly.

A figure of the Mexican show that was marked by her departure was Thalía , since the Mexican singer accepted herself as a resounding fan of the film, as well as of the character of Sandy, which she had the fortune to interpret in her adolescence when she began her career.

The devotion with which Thalía remembered Olivia Newton-John on her social networks is that of a fan who feels and suffers the departure of her idol . This was how the Mexican singer and actress confirmed it after the death of the Hollywood figure.

“There were endless queues to enter the cinema and see the movie Grease starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, which marked an entire generation with that forbidden love story and with a double vinyl of one of the best soundtracks in the world” Thalía revealed in her post when she remembered her youth. It was there that she explained what it meant to her to see her movie and fall in love with her character.

In the post she wrote: “Olivia inspired millions of young girls around the planet with her velvet voice, her image always walking a fine line between good girl and sensual woman. Today we found out about her departure and I feel that many of the memories of my 'Thalia-adolescent' came to the surface when I dusted off my album and listened to it, in a way of personal farewell and gratitude to my dear Sandy. I don't know how to explain it, but I know that those who were the 'Vaseline' generation will understand it perfectly”.

That is how he finished and placed his “Grease” vinyl to listen to the heartfelt ballad “Hopelessly Devoted To You” that Olivia performed in the film.

Thalia said “Thank you Olivia for so much! For accompanying us with your voice, with your smile and for showing us your courage and strength for so many years clinging to this beautiful life. We love you and will always remember you Olivia Newton John.”

To finish off the tribute that Thalía paid to Olivia Newton-John, Tommy Motola's wife recalled the time she met her idol at her concert and sang the song “Summer Nights” by her side , something that marked her and filled her with great memories, since Thalía played the character of Sandy in her teens when she just started her artistic career before joining Timbiriche

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