In a black trikini, Maripily Rivera cools off in the pool, but raises the temperature on Instagram

Maripily Rivera
Maripily Rivera

Maripily Rivera decided to cool off for a while in the pool, wearing a tiny trikini that leaves little to the imagination and raises the temperature of her followers

The Puerto Rican host and actress Maripily Rivera poses with a black floss bikini from a pool to cool off, but raises the temperature of her followers on Instagram.

And it is that the also Puerto Rican model shared a photograph that is driving her followers crazy on Instagram, since she wears a trikini, which is lost between her buttocks, leaving very little to the imagination, but that does raise the temperature to more than one.

In the image it is seen that Maripily Rivera decided to cool off for a while in a pool, wearing a bikini that covers the basics of her intimacy.

Maripily shows off her huge natural rear

She appears sitting in a pool, showing off her huge rear, which barely covers a tiny black strappy bikini.

The garment is seen to cover the basics of her bust in the same way, which due to the position in which it is found, shows a part that is naked.

Maripily doesn't mind showing off her almost naked body, since she has one of the best bodies in entertainment.

Maripily with an enviable figure at 45 years old

The Puerto Rican presenter shows that at 45 she has an enviable body, with shapely legs and prominent hips.

“It's easy to make them happy. I like all or nothing. Beautiful, very elegant and nice body. Simply wonderful” , are some of the comments that Maripily Rivera received on her Instagram account.

The beautiful Puerto Rican also shared a video where she walks on the beach, wearing a great body and her black trikini that leaves very little to the imagination.

The part of the trikini barely covers her intimate part , which undoubtedly leaves her loyal followers breathless.

Show off a great body on the beach

“So my Sunset 🌅 today from my beautiful Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 I love being back on my island 🏝 beautiful !!!♥️”, wrote Maripily Rivera on her Instagram account.

And it is that in the video the sunset is seen on the Isla del Encanto, where it is seen that the presenter enjoys being back in her homeland.

Maripily loves to share images of her day-to-day life with her 1.5 million followers on Instagram, who never tire of praising her envious figure.

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