What users can expect with the big Windows 11 update due in September

Big Windows 11 update due in September
Big Windows 11 update due in September

The next Windows 11 update is scheduled to be available from September 20, so that users can download and install it on their computers.

Microsoft plans to release a major update to its Windows 11 operating system on September 20. This new version will incorporate a large number of new features designed to improve the user experience.

According to the official information that has circulated, the 22H2, as the update package is known, will be the most extensive made to Windows 11 so far. This is reflected in the list of features that will come to computers with this operating system.

Among them, the live captions and the control of the interface through voice commands stand out. In the case of the first of them, its function is to help those users who have some type of hearing problem.

This will be possible by allowing the user the ability to automatically add subtitles to those contents where a sound is being played . In this way they will be able to enjoy the content without the problem of not understanding what is being played.

It should be noted that live captions will work no matter what app or program is playing the sound.

Second is the ability to control the operating system using voice commands. However, at the moment there is not much information about it that is available.

Another feature coming to Windows with the 22H2 update is the ability to create application folders in the start menu. This is intended to enable users to better organize the apps they have installed on their computer, so that they don't need to waste too much time when they need to use them.

Likewise, a package of new gestures is also expected to arrive for those users who use Windows 11 from a computer with a touch panel. The changes will also come to the command bar, as users will have greater ability to control the applications that consume a higher percentage of resources.

The update will also mean the arrival of snap, a feature that makes it possible for users to create groups of windows in such a way that they can be grouped by categories or themes. With this, users will be able to navigate more fluidly between the windows they are using while working.

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