Victoria Rose shares her painful inking story as she travelled to get tattoo from every country.

Victoria Rose shares her painful inking story
Victoria Rose shares her painful inking story

Victoria Rose has been travelling around the world and getting tattoos from local artists and has now reveals her story about what was her most painful inking.

A woman has got her own travel mementoes from all the places she's visited by getting a tattoo at each destination.

Cyberpunk fan Victoria Rose, from Pennsylvania, US, has been globe-trotting to countries in other continents for several months.

In a series of travel videos on TikTok, she revealed how she gets a tatt from every country that she's been to.

The latest videos show her strolling on the streets of Seoul, South Korea.

In one clip, she says: “Getting a tattoo in every country I visit – Seoul, South Korea”.

“Korea does tattooing on a whole other level!”

The tattoo artist inks a colourful dragon on her left leg while she clings onto a cushion to endure the pain.

“The pain that is coming...two hours in, okay it's getting bad,” she said.

“The shin and fine lines hurt, this is one of my most painful but worth it. It's so beautiful.”

Other than the dragon tattoo, Victoria also has a red snake inking that she got when she was in Peru, a green gecko tattoo from Colombia and a tiny monkey on her hand from Mexico City.

Enjoying her last couple of days in Seoul before heading to the UK, Victoria told Daily Star her most painful tattoo wasn't actually from her travels.

“It’s hard to say which is the most painful, probably finger tattoos but my most recent one [in South Korea] was really painful too because of the details.” she said.

Victoria continued: “I’ve lost count of how many tattoos I have and the last half year I’ve been in England, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, USA , and now South Korea.”

“I so far have tattoos from all over the USA, Ireland, England, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, South Korea, Germany and Egypt.”

She said the tattoos are mostly decorations to her and have no meanings and she enjoys letting the tattoo artist have “free reign” with the design.

“I always like the newer ones cause they are new, but of course I’ve gotten some tattoos from scratchers that aren’t as good but it’s all a part of the journey so I don’t hate any of my tattoos,” Victoria added.

Her fans love the inkings on her and said she gave inspirations to them to get "travel tattoo”.

“It's like getting post-stamps but permanent ink on the body, I love this idea!” one said.

A second added: “Life goals! It's a way to tell people your journeys.”

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