Ximena Duque shakes her hips in a mini skirt that left little to the imagination

Colombian actress Ximena Duque
Colombian actress Ximena Duque

Colombian actress Ximena Duque turned to her Instagram account to delight her fans with an emotional video

Ximena Duque is one of the actresses most loved by the Hispanic public in the United States thanks to her participation in stories such as “Corazón Valiente” and “Santa Diabla”. For this reason, it is nothing new for her fans to follow every step she takes through social networks.

Such was the case of her most recent publication on Instagram, where the famous 37-year-old not only showed off her best dance steps, she also gave away a heel for the daring outfit she chose for the occasion.

It was a beautiful “schoolgirl” outfit made up of a crop top with a deep neckline and a pink mini skirt that revealed her shapely legs and flat abdomen just a few months after giving birth.

The purpose of the audiovisual was to portray a comical situation that she lives with her husband when he does not come to work. “When my husband tells me that he has the day off”, reads the description of the video while Ximena Duque beautifully moves her hips to the rhythm of a song.

However, the video comes to a twist when instead of a little dance alone, she comes out accompanied by her three children while they perform a fun choreography.

It wasn't long before his fans and one or two fans acknowledged his wit in the comments section. “Omg I loved this,” wrote Rashel Diaz while Clarissa Molina posted a laughing emoji.

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