Alexa Dellanos poses in a panties and corset for a photo shoot that sparked sighs

Alexa Dellanos
Alexa Dellanos
Khushbu Kumari

The influencer Alexa Dellanos lit up the networks with a photo session that left little to the imagination

Tremendous stir caused the influencer Alexa Dellanos after being more sensual than ever in a “galactic” outfit that exposed her curvaceous figure. How did the public react? Read on to find out.

Through her Instagram account, the daughter of Myrka Dellanos published a taste of the photo session she carried out in an interesting outfit that left her followers open-mouthed.

And it is that it was a white corset of rigid material that rested on her body and accentuated her waist; In addition, she was daring to show the beginning of her thong.

Alexa Dellanos completed the look with her long brown hair over her shoulders, as well as metallic blue sunglasses that gave her outfit a futuristic touch.

The carousel of images was soon filled with messages appreciating the beauty of the famous, as well as her creativity in creating content on social networks.

“My muse”, “Uff incredible view”, “You are a great inspiration for me”, “Ethereal, sublime”, “You are beautiful” and “There is no doubt that you are as beautiful as your mother” , are some of the messages that are perceived under the publication.

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