New Delhi demolishes two illegal 30 plus story skyscrapers

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New Delhi demolishes two illegal 30 plus story skyscrape
New Delhi demolishes two illegal 30 plus story skyscrape
Khushbu Kumari

The demolition of the two housing towers, one hundred meters high, was broadcast live to great expectation. It is an unusual example of firmness of the authorities before promoters and corrupt officials.

Two towers intended for housing, 100 meters high, were demolished this Sunday in the suburbs of New Delhi, an event broadcast live on Indian television networks. This demolition of the so-called “Noida twin towers” is a rare example of the authorities' firmness against corrupt developers and officials.

The Supreme Court had ruled last year that the structures were built, on a planned park site, illegally by developers in collusion with local authorities and gave them four months to demolish them. The 32 floors of “Apex” and the 29 of “Ceyane”, which has a total of a thousand apartments never inhabited over nine years of legal battle, collapsed in a few seconds in the middle of an immense cloud of dust.

The controlled implosion, thanks to 3,700 kg of explosives, took place in Noida, southeast of New Delhi. It was the largest demolition ever recorded in India, according to local media. Thousands of neighbors, as well as stray dogs, were evacuated as a precaution before the explosion. The Police, who deployed half a thousand troops on the ground, established an exclusion zone of 450 meters to prevent the dangers of a demolition that is estimated to have generated some 55,000 tons of waste.

The demolition was broadcast live on several televisions, and the Indian media followed the latest news of the demolition from early in the morning to the minute . “I'd be lying if I said I'm not nervous. I am nervous. I've had goosebumps since morning. I am a little nervous but also confident,” one of the engineers in charge, Utkarsh Mehta, told NDTV Delhi television today before the demolition.

India, the third largest economy in Asia with 1.4 billion inhabitants, is experiencing the fastest growth in the world and is experiencing a boom in the construction sector in recent years. Unscrupulous real estate developers, in search of great profits, reduce construction costs with impunity, benefiting from insufficient regulations and sometimes giving rise to accidents.

In the suburbs of Delhi, in Noida and Greater Noida, it is estimated that more than 100 residential towers have been abandoned , disfiguring the landscape and giving these areas the appearance of gloomy ghost towns.

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