On stage Chiquis Rivera had a “malfunction” with jumpsuit, but she took it with a lot of humor

Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera
Khushbu Kumari

During a concert, Chiquis Rivera's jumpsuit began to move, but she did not realize it until someone exposed it on Instagram; The singer has shown in recent days a weight loss that makes her look better than ever.

Chiquis Rivera had a very particular moment during her concert in Los Angeles, something that she herself did not realize. While she was performing the song “My Problem” the white jumpsuit she was wearing began to move a lot around her crotch, and it was all due to the air coming from a nearby fan. That was published in an Instagram account in which curious cases are exposed, but the singer - who also shared it in her stories on that social network - took it with a lot of humor and even wrote: “They made me laugh in English and in Spanish! Spanish!”

The truth is that this “impairment” in Chiquis 's clothes is also due to the fact that it is too big for her , because in recent weeks the results of her exercise routines and her perseverance in the beauty treatments to which she has been seen have been seen. It has been submitted. She looked stunning at a clothing store opening in Texas, wearing skinny army green pants and a short striped polo shirt. Of course, she couldn't help but pose for photos with many of her fans.

Chiquis Rivera is very successful as a singer and businesswoman, but she has also achieved good acceptance with her podcast “Chiquis and chill” . A few days ago she was invited to a conference (also in Texas) about Latino culture in podcasts, in which she spoke about the content she publishes, and its importance in highlighting the empowerment of women.

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