Daniela Magun remembers her story about how she rejected a Moroccan prince

Daniela Magun remembers her story about how she rejected a Moroccan prince
Daniela Magun remembers her story about how she rejected a Moroccan prince
Khushbu Kumari

Actress and host Daniela Magun revealed that she had financial problems that led her to consider marrying a powerful man.

Daniela Magun confessed that she has had the opportunity to marry millionaire and powerful men on three occasions and one of them was with a prince, whom she ended up rejecting.

The hosts of 'Netas Divinas ' addressed the issue of choosing the easy or difficult path and talked about whether they had the opportunity to interact with different couples, from whom they could get something in return and revealed some anecdotes

Being women who consider themselves very hardworking, they confessed that they have never expected to have financial support from any man.

For this reason, Daniela recognized that sometimes it is difficult to choose an easy path, because, although at a certain moment it seems like a simpler option, over time, it ends up being a decision that weighs in the long term.

Daniela confessed that she had not only one or two opportunities but three occasions in which she was related to very powerful men who offered her a life of luxury in exchange for a relationship and even one of them was a Moroccan prince whom she rejected.

“A very foreign one, when I went they bathed me in a tub with petals and they didn't let me move my hands and I said imagine right now I'm going to be the pretty wife, but when I'm 65, well, I'm worth it”, referring to that type of men exchange wives for a younger and prettier one.

The singer mentioned that her colleagues from Kabah made jokes about her being encouraged to take the step. “Imagine us in Morocco with precious stones,” her colleagues from the group told her.

On the other hand, he recalled that if he had made that decision it would have been without thinking in his heart, or thinking about her and revealed that it was a time when he had many financial problems at home, for which he considered the possibility of taking advantage of that bond .

“It was a time when there was a lot of financial concern in my house and I think that is also an incentive to make those decisions, because I thought a lot about the illusion of getting to tell my family that the economic problems are over,” he said. Daniela, who in the end refused to continue dating this man.

Nothing is free in life and in the end it ends up costing you and it ends up weighing you down, “he said about the decisions he could make at this time,” said Magun.

However, this was not the only thing she experienced, because she also remembered that she had opportunities with Mexican men, but her heart was what sent her down another path.

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