They spread a photo of the governor of Baja California Marina del Pilar with a drug trafficker

Governor of Baja California Marina del Pilar
Governor of Baja California Marina del Pilar
Khushbu Kumari

In the controversial image, Marina del Pilar appears embraced by a criminal leader from Baja California identified as 'El Botas'

The state of Baja California is a key region in the fight against drug trafficking, due to being a border entity with the United States, which is why it is a very important area for drug cartels.

That is why the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar , has a great assignment regarding the fight against insecurity. However, a photograph recently released on social networks placed the official in the middle of the controversy.

In this image, shared by Bryan LeBaron, a member of the family whose members were massacred in November 2019 in Sonora , the governor can be seen at a campaign event posing with several people, but one is very special.

It is about a local drug trafficker identified as “El Botas” , who appears nothing less than embracing Marina del Pilar during a political campaign in 2019, in which he competed for the municipal presidency of Mexicali.

Along with the exposed photograph, Bryan wrote: “The governor of Baja California @MarinadelPilar hugging the leader of the local cartel known as “Botas” lets us see what they mean when they say 'hugs, not bullets'. The criminals get the hugs, and the ordinary people get the bullets”.

According to the weekly Zeta, the name of this criminal leader is Emmanuel Everardo Serrano Salazar , and he is identified as one of the drug bosses and distributors in the border city of Tijuana.

The same media even published another photograph of the capo on September 7 along with the note titled: “42 criminals violate the capital.”

After the dissemination of this controversial photograph, the Department of Social Communication of the Government of Baja California sent a statement to the Aristegui Noticias site, to reject that the governor has any link with “El Botas”.

In the document they argue that Marina del Pilar took pictures with hundreds of people during her political campaigns , but that does not mean that she has any relationship with all of them.

“It is something commonly known that, during political campaigns, hundreds of people come to take a photo and even spend time with a candidate, as was the case in the four electoral campaigns that he has had to contend with. the governor,” the statement said.

“Given this reality, it is impossible to know the identity or links of each person who seeks to take a photograph or interact with a candidate , and it would be impossible for a politician to demand to know who each person who approaches him is, much less demand that someone reveal their identity . identity in exchange for a photo or chat,” they added.

“Governor Marina del Pilar has conducted herself in a transparent and honest manner throughout her career in public service, as well as in her personal ties,” was how the clarification by the Baja California government concluded.

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