Alexa Dellanos goes to the casino in a string thong and poses in a slot machine

Alexa Dellanos goes to the casino
Alexa Dellanos goes to the casino
Khushbu Kumari

Alexa Dellanos has caused a sensation on Instagram for a photo in which she appears in a hotel casino, showing off her figure in a micro bikini; The fashion and lifestyle influencer continues to enjoy her vacation in the Bahamas.

The beautiful fashion and lifestyle influencer Alexa Dellanos has enjoyed a long trip to the Bahamas, in which she took the opportunity to walk along the beach and swim in the sea several times. She garnered more than 400,000 likes for a picture showing her laying back and showing off her rear in a barely-there thong; the message she wrote was “let's go on vacation”.

Alexa Dellanos has surprised with the setting she chose for one of the photos she shared on Instagram . She took off her white coat and was seen in a string micro bikini with a thong, posing in one of the slot machines located in the casino of the hotel where she stayed.

On her travels, Alexa likes to visit places that are also attractive to her followers on that social network. Such was the case with an area in the sea where small sharks swim; She posed very sensual and relaxed, showing off her figure in a patterned bikini.

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