Biden Marijuana Executive Action Could Impact November Voting

Biden Marijuana Executive Action Could Impact November Voting
Biden Marijuana Executive Action Could Impact November Voting
Khushbu Kumari

This initiative would pardon all federal crimes for marijuana possession, which would benefit thousands of Americans and could be key for the Democratic Party in the midterm elections.

President Joe Biden published the announcement of executive measures to grant pardons for federal marijuana possession convictions, taking a historic step that analysts say could motivate votes among the main Democratic districts a month before the midterm elections.

The president would pardon all federal crimes of simple possession of marijuana and the pardon also applies to all people convicted of simple possession of marijuana, according to the Law of the District of Columbia.

With this initiative, the lives of thousands of Americans convicted of possession of marijuana would change, especially if the governors follow the example of the president and also carry out the same procedure.

“The president is taking action to end our failed approach to marijuana. As he has often said, no one should be in jail just for the use or possession of marijuana,” a Biden Administration official told a conference Thursday, Oct. 6.

Some would benefit from this decision that the president of the United States has taken, although the attack by the Republicans, after learning about the new averages, was not long in coming, firstly because they describe this movement as being purely political because it is presented weeks before the midterm elections.

Regarding the president's movement, which emphasizes that it will favor civil rights defenders, as well as a demographic group that has been characterized by having arrests for possession of marijuana, which are African Americans, a key sector for the Democratic Party in these elections CNN highlighted .

This marijuana decision, as well as the one to cancel student debt, is an attempt to encourage certain specific groups in the country that could make a difference in the November votes in favor of the Democrats.

These two relief alternatives for certain citizens, in addition to the right to abortion, have boosted the party, although some polls continue to show that the problems that most affect the population are inflation and the economy , which they mark as a priority and this represents a threat. for the Democrats.

A candidate for governor had already gone ahead of Joe Biden, or had thought about implementing that measure in the state of Texas. During a campaign rally, Beto O'Rourke promised to legalize marijuana.

“When I am governor, we will finally legalize marijuana in Texas and we will eliminate the records of those arrested for possession of marijuana,” he said in his speech.

As additional information, in New Mexico they legalized the consumption of marijuana since April, the inhabitants will be able to carry up to 2 ounces of the drug and can grow the grass that is for recreational consumption.

It is important to note that the measure is not to legalize the drug, it will only pardon federal crimes for possession of marijuana, as has already been explained. Likewise, he ordered the Department of Justice to review how the drug is classified in federal law, which is on the same level as other harmful substances such as LSD, heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamine.

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