Aleida Nunez boasts the abdomen of steel that she has at 41 years old while training in the gym

Aleida Nunez boasts the abdomen of steel
Aleida Nunez boasts the abdomen of steel
Khushbu Kumari

Aleida Nunez was seen training in the gym, and as usual, she used tight leggings and a top with which she showed the abdomen of steel that she has at 41 years old

Aleida Nunez was seen from the gym while training with a tight sports outfit, but this time she not only showed off her physical condition, but also the steel abdomen that she has gained after several years of training.

The sensual Mexican actress and singer is one of the celebrities who constantly show off her great body through social networks, and that is, with the help of tiny bikinis, tiny shorts, dresses that make her show off her stylized legs and from the gym with tight outfits sports, are just a few examples with which he has confirmed to millions of fans that she has one of the best cared for bodies in the show.

One more test was recently shared through her official Instagram profile, where the one born in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, was seen training in the gym and, as usual, used tight leggings and a matching color top. black with which he showed the abdomen of steel that he has at 41 years old, in addition to the physical condition that discipline and rigorous training have left him.

In addition to showing off a great body, in the series of images Aleida showed her yoga skills, a discipline that helps her maintain physical and mental balance, but also draws sighs from her fans for wearing this type of tight clothing that allows you to admire her shapely attributes.

Let us remember that it is not the first time that the television star shares her interest in this practice, because in addition to using her social networks to share details of her professional projects, she also shows what she does in her free time and during some trips, such as during the day. in which he took a few days of rest and relaxation, where he took the opportunity to do some exercises in the open air.

However, she also wasted beauty and sensuality in a complex yoga posture, in which, in addition to demonstrating her flexibility and strength, she wore a tiny yellow bikini that her fans thanked with more than 75 thousand heart-shaped reactions.

In addition to this image, the model and businesswoman has also shown off her perfect measurements from the gym while doing other types of training, especially those that have to do with weight lifting, an activity that she enjoys and began to practice at a very young age.

“I have always done weights, many people are afraid of weights because they say: 'Oh, I'm going to have the body of a fighter,' but not really. Obviously without so much weight so as not to damage and cause injuries. The weights are very good, they are the ones that help you the most to grow the muscle, the leg, the buttocks specifically, ”he said in an interview for Grupo Reforma last August.

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