Ninel Conde exposes her great body while tanning in a tiny white bikini

Ninel Conde exposes her great body
Ninel Conde exposes her great body
Khushbu Kumari

Ninel Conde, who is also known as 'El Bombón Asesino', once again captivated her fans with a tiny white bikini, a garment that highlighted her beauty while tanning her perfect curves

Ninel Conde shared a video in which she once again showed off her great body while tanning in a tiny bikini, images that once again fell in love with thousands of followers who do not miss the publications she makes.

“ El Bombón Asesino ” has just returned from a spectacular trip through Europe with which she celebrated her 46th birthday visiting countries like Italy and Greece, but this has not prevented her from continuing to share sensual images through her social networks, in which she exposes her stylized figure with tiny bathing suits.

In one of her most recent publications made before 5.4 million Instagram followers, the Mexican actress once again captivated by modeling a tiny white bikini while tanning her perfect curves .

“How beautiful!” Was how she described the video in which her fans agreed with her, because in addition to reacting with more than 10,000 red hearts, she received recognition in the comments section with a shower of compliments.

“ You are gorgeous ”, “As beautiful as always”, “Nothing is more beautiful than you”, “Very pretty”, “Spectacular” and “ You have a spectacular figure ”, were just a few messages that the native of the State received on this occasion from Mexico.

In addition to previously posing in a red bikini that highlighted her slender silhouette, the star of 'Tu Cara Me Suena' shared a collection of images in which she was seen enjoying the places she visited, of course, always showing off her beauty in each destination she chose to celebrate another year of life.

Despite the fact that she is currently facing a legal battle with Giovanni Medina for the custody of her youngest son, Emmanuel, during her birthday trip she preferred to forget everything and focus solely on enjoying life, for which the pupil of her faithful admirers also consented. in a gold swimsuit that she exposed while sunbathing.

After several days of rest, Ninel Conde is ready to continue with her musical presentations where she promises to make everyone dance with her catchy songs. This is how the famous announced it through the same social network, where she confirmed that this weekend she would appear in Puebla, Mexico.

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