Jailyne Ojeda raises the temperature on Instagram by showing her full assets while on the beach with a horse

The American influencer Jailyne Ojeda
The American influencer Jailyne Ojeda
Khushbu Kumari

The American influencer, Jailyne Ojeda, knows how to raise the temperature of her followers on Instagram, where she shared a video where she shows her almost open everything

The American model and influencer Jailyne Ojeda is an expert in raising the temperature on Instagram and in her recent publication she is stirring up her followers on the social network, where she shared a video where she shows her enormous butt almost naked, while walking on the beach together to a horse .

And it is that the influencer is most daring and hot, not only with her wardrobe that leaves nothing to the imagination, but also for her suggestive and daring movements, which steal the breath of more than one.

Jailyne Ojeda shows off her bare butt

“I am very sexy as always on all my trips but this time in Thailand,” the influencer wrote on her Instagram account, along with the hot images.

At the beginning of the video, Jailyne Ojeda appears kneeling in the back seat of a vehicle and makes some very sexy and provocative movements with her hips and shoulders.

But in addition, the influencer wears a most daring outfit, which raises the most forbidden passions of her followers.

In the sequence, Jailyne Ojeda is seen getting out of the vehicle and starting to walk, showing off her statuesque body. Later, she poses in front of the camera, revealing a little more of her daring outfit.

Ojeda shows off her dental floss bikini

Then it appears, the American influencer hugging a horse. She is on her back and you can see her bare butt completely. On top of her floss bikini, she has strings of pearls that show off her curves.

During the video, the model is seen walking along the beach with the horse, even in one of the shots Jailyne Ojeda goes to the seashore to cool off a bit from the intense heat .

The young influencer shows off her anatomy to delight the eyes of her 14.1 million followers on Instagram.

The video has more than 447,000 likes and a series of flattering comments.

In other of her recent photos, Ojeda appears seated wearing a tight low-cut dress, which highlights her enormous attributes.

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