USCIS Clarifies Ease of Employment Authorization for Green Card Applicants

USCIS Clarifies Ease of Employment Authorization for Green Card Applicants
USCIS Clarifies Ease of Employment Authorization for Green Card Applicants
Khushbu Kumari

The Citizenship and Immigration Services office is implementing several changes to reduce decision times in procedures, including the Green Card, for which it recalled that it will process the forms of the same request separately, as in the case of Employment Authorization

The office of Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS ) reminded immigrants who apply for a change of status to obtain a Green Card that they can send the documentation for an Employment Authorization , it will be processed first.

This was reported by the agency on Twitter as part of the processes to prevent any impact on immigrants.

In the message, USCIS mentions that when an applicant submits Form I-485, which is the Adjustment of Status, they can also integrate forms I-765 or Employment Authorization (EAD) and I-131 o Provisional Waiver of Travel and Reentry.

“We process an Employment Authorization Document without any notation about the travel forgiveness application. We will adjudicate Form I-131 separately,” the report states.

USCIS clarifies that petitioners will receive notifications about their processes separately, which facilitates the review of each application and, eventually, a decision on the Green Card.

Therefore, you will receive a notice on your I-131 some time after the notice on your I-765.

He recalled that immigrants do not have to ask about their I-131 petition unless it is outside the “normal” processing times, although he does not specify the estimated period.

In its processing time calculator, USCIS estimates that it takes up to 11 months to process a Form I-131.

The agency also recalls that this way of dividing the processes allows a prompt response on the application for Permanent Residence.

“Adjudicating these applications separately reduces I-765 processing times,” the agency said.

In May, USCIS had taken an extra step to address the backlog in the case review processes by extending the Employment Authorization extension period when the permit has expired.

According to the Temporary Final Rule (TFR), immigrants who have an open EAD renewal process will be able to use the previous document, even if it is expired, for up to 540 additional days, that is, around a year and a half, while they wait for a decision. of the agency about their cases.

The decision takes effect on May 4, 2022 and will help avoid problems in the employment of immigrants and ensure continuity of operations for US employers, the agency said.

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