Barack and Michelle Obama vote early and invite voters to participate

Barack and Michelle Obama vote early and invite voters to participate
Barack and Michelle Obama vote early and invite voters to participate
Khushbu Kumari

The Obama couple went to cast their vote in Chicago, which is where they live, and invited Americans to go to the polls because every vote counts

Former United States President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, voted in advance for the legislative elections on November 8, which will define a large part of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The couple invited the population to participate in the elections and go to the polls because every vote counts.

Barack and Michelle went to vote in Chicago, which is the city where they reside, in addition to the fact that the states of Illinois, Georgia and Michigan can already vote in advance from October 17 so that people begin to arrive at the places where the ballot boxes were installed and they can cast their vote with peace of mind.

The elections will take place on November 8, and which are of the utmost importance for the United States, since the vote cast by the Americans will determine how the House of Representatives will be formed as the Senate, where the proposals are voted or rejected. Of law.

The Obamas sent a message through their social networks to invite people to participate in the upcoming elections.

“ Michelle and I voted early today. Now it's your turn. Check or update your voter registration and make plans to vote early or on Election Day. Because every vote counts, ”wrote the former president on his Twitter account.

For her part, the former US first lady also commented on her Twitter that she had already gone to cast her vote in advance and asked her followers to tag the person with whom they will go to the polls to give their support.

“Today I voted early in the 2022 midterm elections! I want to see you turn out to vote with your voting squad. Barack is in my #VotingSquad, who's in yours? Tag them below and remind them to register and make a plan to vote.”

Going to the polling station to cast your vote before the election date is a formula that, along with voting by mail, has become very popular in the US in recent years, especially among the Democratic-leaning electorate.

The trend also takes up the fact that the majority of Republican voters prefer to continue voting on the same day of the elections, which has sometimes caused some votes to abound more than others during the count, depending on whether they are running the counts deposited that same day or in previous days.

In the legislative elections on November 8 , they will elect all the members of the House of Representatives, a third of the senators and thousands of local and state positions, including several governors.

The Democratic Party hopes to retain a majority in the House because in this way they could continue to approve the bills that President Joe Biden has signed and which, they have assured, would benefit Americans.

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