Mexican state of Guerrero approves same-gender marriage

Mexican state of Guerrero approves same sex marriage
Mexican state of Guerrero approves same sex marriage
Khushbu Kumari

Of the 32 states of Mexico, only Tamaulipas has yet to endorse the union between people of the same gender.

The Congress of the state of Guerrero, southern Mexico, approved this Tuesday night (10.25.2022) by majority vote the reforms that legalize marriages between people of the same gender, known as egalitarian, with what becomes the penultimate state in the country to approve them.

In two sessions held this Tuesday, the members of the LXIII Legislature of Guerrero cast their vote secretly and achieved a majority for the reform initiative promoted by the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) party, with 38 votes in favor, six against and two. invalid votes.

The reforms include various modifications to the State Civil Code and the Civil Procedure Code , in which the biggest change was to modify the term men and women to “persons”.

Although the vote was secret, the deputy of the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Julieta Fernandez Marquez, made her vote against it public and considered that they are laws that distort the family.

LGBT groups protest against deputy

He also argued that with this reform, in the legal sphere, “established legal procedures, which have been the basis for the development of society, are being affected without any sense, such as, among others, adoption, the social security system, the birth registration that will no longer go through a family judge for adoption.”

While the deputy was making a statement, the members of the LGBT community who witnessed the sessions stood up and turned their backs in protest .

Meanwhile, the president of the Political Coordination Board and coordinator of the Morena parliamentary group, Yoloczin Dominguez, considered that they are reforms that reaffirm that the local Congress is against any type of discrimination.

“Let's do it for our represented and for those people who have left their lives on the road, in their struggle to be treated with dignity,” he said.

Tabasco also approved

Just five days ago, the Congress of the state of Tabasco, where President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is from, also approved same-gender marriages.

With Guerrero, they add up to 31 of 32 states in Mexico that have adapted their laws or implemented actions to allow marriage between people of the same gender without the need for protection and only the state of Tamaulipas is missing.

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