macOS 13 Ventura: what features does the new version of Apple's operating system bring

macOS 13 Ventura the new operating system from apple is available for supported devices
macOS 13 Ventura the new operating system from apple is available for supported devices
Khushbu Kumari

Apple users who download macOS 13 Ventura will be able to enjoy all the new features that were designed to improve the integration of the iOS and macOS ecosystem.

Apple officially introduced the new version of its operating system for desktops and laptops called macOS 13 Ventura . The new system is accompanied by a large number of new features and functions designed to provide a better user experience.

While many of the features now coming with macOS 13 Ventura have been previously introduced, it is only now that the public is getting a chance to try them out on their own computers.

Here are the new features that you will be able to enjoy once you update your computer with the new operating system:

1. Continuity Chamber

This is a feature designed to allow users to use their iPhone as a webcam so they can take advantage of their phone's powerful camera.

When iPhone is nearby, Mac can automatically recognize and use the iPhone camera to unlock new capabilities never before possible in a webcam, and it even works wirelessly for greater flexibility.

This can be extremely practical when you have to make a video call or attend a video conference . As if this were not enough, the continuity camera is compatible with several of the camera formats, that is, the main lens and portrait mode (to blur the back of the user). To this is also added Studio Light and Center Stage with which contrast can be made between the user and the background and keep it centered at all times.

2. Stage Manager

With Stage Manager, users will be able to automatically organize applications and windows so that they can be accessed more easily and quickly while multitasking. When this function is enabled, thumbnails will be displayed on the left side of the screen from which the user can access the corresponding applications.

“To create the ideal workspace, users can create groups of windows or applications when working on specific tasks or projects. Stage Manager also works in conjunction with macOS window tools, including Mission Control and Spaces, and users can easily access their desktop with a single click.

3. Password system

As part of Apple's efforts to eliminate the use of passwords, the keys will now be stored on the device in such a way that when the user must access a website, they do so using biometric identification systems such as Touch ID and Face ID .

In this way, the company guarantees that the information of its users cannot be compromised, as is currently the case.

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