Selena Gomez is honest about her bipolar disorder in a documentary about her life

Selena Gomez is honest about her bipolar disorder in a documentary about her life
Selena Gomez is honest about her bipolar disorder in a documentary about her life
Khushbu Kumari

Selena Gomez confesses and explains what her day-to-day life is like with bipolar disorder; she will reveal details of her personal life in the documentary 'My mind and me'.

Selena Gomez had to seek help to find out what was really happening to her. She needed an explanation for her constant and sudden mood swings, which she noticed affected her day-to-day life.

He went to one of the best psychiatric hospitals in the United States , the McLean Hospital in Massachusetts, and finally learned his diagnosis: bipolar disorder.

In a conversation with Miley Cyrus, in a “live” of Instagram, Selena confessed that, rather than being scared, she took the diagnosis calmly.

Gomez said she felt liberated knowing what was happening to her during all that time she lived with uncertainty. Above all, because today, there is information about these conditions and about mental health.

“It doesn't scare me, once I know what it is.” “When I finally decided that I wanted to know everything, my fear of this disease disappeared, I am not afraid” . She expressed in that chat with Miley Cyrus.

Selena Gomez has been outspoken about her mental health. A few years ago, the singer confessed that she suffered from anxiety and depression , conditions that triggered a crisis and a subsequent admission to a psychiatric hospital.

He even acknowledged at the time that during the relationship with Justin Bieber he suffered emotional abuse, which increased his anxiety and depression crises.

In the documentary 'My mind and me' , Selena Gomez opens the doors and, in a frontal and close way, shows what it is like for her to live with this disorder. Recently, the trailer for the documentary 'My mind and me' was released , which will premiere on November 4 through Apple TV +.

The documentary covers six years in the life of Selena Gomez. She shows her moments of fame, as well as, raw passages on that path to discover what was happening to her in terms of her mental health and how she has coped.

Selena Gomez admits that she has felt doubts and fear, but that she has learned to live day by day and learn more and more about the subject. About the documentary, the singer confesses that she “took on her own life” and that she feels a little nervous about showing the public “such personal passages of her life”.

In the advances of the trailer for 'My mind and me', Selena's voiceover is heard: “I know who you are, Selena”. “No one cares what you do. It's about who I am, about being okay with who I am. I am grateful to be alive.”

Selena Gomez has expressed in interviews that she feels good, is happy, and wants to learn as much as possible about her diagnosis.

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