Apple is working on a new voice command to activate Siri

Apple is working on a new voice command to activate Siri
Apple is working on a new voice command to activate Siri
Khushbu Kumari

Apple is developing a new voice command that will allow users to activate Siri more quickly and easily with just one word.

Apple users could say goodbye to the “Hey Siri” command . According to rumors, the company is working on a new voice command that will allow Apple's virtual assistant to be activated more quickly .

It was learned that Apple plans that the assistant can be activated just by saying “Siri”. According to Mark Gurman, an analyst known for leaking information on Apple launches, the company has been working on the new voice command for months, to the point that some of the company's employees are already testing it .

However, the implementation of the new voice command could take months as the change implies that Apple must collect thousands of audio samples to ensure that the assistant activates whenever “Siri” is said and that this does not happen when a word is pronounced. with a similar intonation.

There is also the problem that this entire process must be carried out in dozens of languages ​​other than English, so that it can be viable in other markets . Added to this is the complexity that can be represented by the different range of accents that can exist within the same language.

Gurman also comments that Apple is also striving to improve Siri's integration with third-party applications, something that may present some difficulties considering that the assistant would have to adapt to the particularities of each application.

We must remember that Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, has a long list of features that make it one of the most complete assistants on the market. Among the most basic options offered by Siri is the ability to make calls using voice commands, which can be configured to create aliases in the case of the most frequent contacts.

Siri also allows the user to create their own file with their personal data such as address, email and phone number, so that just by saying “Siri take me home”, the assistant is able to request an uber for the user. automatically and without him having to enter his address.

When it comes to finances, Siri can be used to request information about the user's bank balance. In the same way, it is capable of carrying out operations such as bank transfers without the user having to access their bank's app.

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