Twitter: how to make the payment and verification process

Twitter how to make the payment and verification process
Twitter how to make the payment and verification process
Khushbu Kumari

We tell you step by step how is the process that you must follow if you want to obtain the Twitter verification check quickly and easily

The arrival of the new version of Twitter Blue has generated renewed interest in the process of verifying Twitter accounts so that they can obtain the desired blue check and thus become a verified account.

This process, as explained by Twitter, involves meeting a series of requirements, the most basic being verifying the identity of the person behind the account. To do this, the platform offers three alternatives.

The first option is by providing a link to an official website that references the person or organization that wants to be verified. Another alternative is to provide an identity document such as a passport or driver's license.

Lastly, there is the possibility of verifying using an official email address with a relevant domain for the category of relevance chosen by the user.

The user must also demonstrate that his account is relevant , either because he has a large number of followers or because he is a recognized person within his field.

How to request verification of a Twitter account?

1. Enter Twitter and press the button shaped like three horizontal points in the main menu, which is located on the left side of the screen. Later you must access the “Settings and support” section , and then enter the “Settings and privacy” menu.

2. At this point, the user must click on the “Your account” button and select the “Slope information” option. This will cause the system to request the user's password in order to continue with the procedure.

3. Upon completing the previous step, the person will be redirected to a new window in which they must press the “Start application” button and follow the steps indicated there, while providing the corresponding information.

It must be taken into account that the verification process and the requirements to be able to complete the process successfully may vary depending on the category to which the user wishes to be a part , this includes: government, news agencies, employees of news agencies and journalists. , businesses, brands and organizations, entertainment, sports and gaming, activists and organizations, and content creators and influencers.

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