Chiquis Rivera could have had surgery and this scar proves it

Chiquis Rivera could have had surgery and this scar proves it
Chiquis Rivera could have had surgery and this scar proves it
Khushbu Kumari

A scar could expose Chiquis Rivera. They point to Jenni Rivera's daughter of having gone through the operating room to get an aesthetic touch-up. Many Instagram followers ask her to be honest

Although it is true that being the daughter of the remembered Jenni Rivera allowed her to be closely with the artistic world from an early age, it has also left her in the eye of the hurricane since then. In addition to her incredible talent, her curves and now her incredible weight loss have given much to talk about in the life of Chiquis Rivera. She now brings to the fore the issue of possible cosmetic surgery as a result of a scar that she saw in a photograph of her.

Although during her last meetings with the press and the public, Chiquis has assured that she has lost weight naturally and only with some adjustments in her habits, this scar could show that the Queen Bee underwent cosmetic retouching.

This would not be the first time that the followers of Chiquis Rivera assure that she underwent surgery , since her changes have been very noticeable and in a short time. They recently commented on it when she assured that one of her secrets to burn fat is tequila . “Haters” of the regional Mexican singer gave themselves the task of questioning and inviting her to: “Be honest.”

“The stomach cut does not allow her to eat enough”, “That they ask her about the sleeve she had,” “She had the gastric sleeve done, it is the only way you can lose weight from one day to the next”, “For how much detour and does not say what was done”, are some of the comments that rest in some publications on social networks where the thinness of Chiquis is evidenced.

It is said that Chiquis would have made the bariatric sleeve with her sister Jenicka López , who did make it public. “This procedure was done almost at the same time as her sister Jenicka, but everyone focused on her sister and Chiquis was literally absent from the networks and returned with this very remarkable physical change,” said a woman who claims to have met the woman in a consultation. at a clinic in Tijuana.

Chiquis Rivera and her weight loss

Like many artists, Chiquis has admitted on several occasions that she uses some tricks to maintain her figure . Among them drinking lemon water , going to the gym and following a Keto diet, but speculation has not been long in coming with this change that occurred practically overnight.

Although to date the Queen Bee has not made any comments regarding her figure or any aesthetic touch-ups , several fans have supported her if she turned to an expert to look as she wanted: "How good for her and for her health ”, “She looks more beautiful”, “Now you look prettier and younger” and “Your change is noticeable”.

Chiquis Rivera continues to triumph in parallel to her great body. It is nominated for a Latin Grammy 2022 in the category Best Band Music Album . In addition, he will perform this weekend at the 2022 Corridos and Mamalonas Festival together with his friend Larry Hernández and several other exponents of the Mexican regional.

In addition, Lorenzo Méndez 's ex has just released her first Christmas song “Jingle Bells” where she appears in a sexy white lace jumpsuit and several other outfits that leave anyone drooling with or without surgery.

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