Celia Lora shows off her exuberant silhouette with black lingerie

Celia Lora shows off her exuberant silhouette with black lingerie
Celia Lora shows off her exuberant silhouette with black lingerie
Khushbu Kumari

Celia Lora showed off lying down to show her curvy silhouette in detail and make her fans fall in love with a set of black lingerie and small shiny rhinestones

Although in recent weeks Celia Lora has managed to cause a tremendous uproar on her social networks by posing with other voluptuous models such as Marian Franco, Ignacia Michelson and Lizbeth Rodriguez , who, like her, enjoy exposing their charms at the slightest provocation, she once again posed alone . to show off her lush figure with very little clothing.

It was exactly through her official Instagram profile where the controversial former participant of “La Casa de los Famosos” generated a shower of reactions posing with a sexy black lingerie set and small shiny rhinestones. In the postcard that was rated with about 100 thousand "likes", Celia was shown lying down to let her curvy silhouette be appreciated in detail and fall in love with a significant number of followers.

On this occasion, she avoided showing too much with the transparencies she is used to and whose outgoing personality has led her to position herself as one of the most successful models within the OnlyFans exclusive content platform.

But not only her audience applauds the hot uncoverings she performs, because the one who recently confessed that she is very proud of what the model has achieved is the singer Alex Lora , who during a recent meeting with the media boasted how happy she is to see win your daughter.

“For my tamer (Chela Lora) and for me it is a source of pride and great satisfaction to see how the entire breed is aware of everything it does , they follow it, they like what it says, it does and as a parent you want your children to follow their vocation and succeed in it,” she said.

To show how much she enjoys posing scantily clad, Celia Lora was also seen from her bed in a combo of red underwear that exposed a provocative angle, confirming why she continues to have the approval of the public

While in another of her most recent posts, she raised the temperature thanks to a revealing translucent garment with a neckline with crossed straps that generated admiration for exposing her exuberant charms.

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