Chris Evans would have found love thanks to Alba Baptista

Chris Evans would have found love thanks to Alba Baptista
Chris Evans would have found love thanks to Alba Baptista
Khushbu Kumari

The actor Chris Evans declared a few months ago that he was in search of love and thanks to a source close to him, it is rumored that he finally achieved his goal by meeting a model 16 years younger than him.

Chris Evans, who recently turned social networks on by being named 'the sexiest man of the year' has again become a trend in the middle and this due to an alleged affair with a beautiful young woman.

Last summer, the handsome actor declared in an interview that he was looking for a romantic partner: “I am concentrating on finding a partner, you know, someone you want to live with.”

The desire to find a partner is based on his belief that the greatest pride of an artist is not his work, but the family they can form:

“When you read about the history of the greatest artists, whether they are actors, painters or writers, most of them admit that their greatest pride was not the work they did, but the relationships: the family they created, the love they found, the love they shared .”

He even gave the password of what he was looking for in a woman “I want a good soul, that's all”; however, she also pointed out that this implies that she is self-critical, generous and above all compassionate.

On November 10, a magazine published a statement in which an alleged close source claimed to know details about the actor's love life.

Among those details, he announced that he has been dating actress Alba Baptista for about a year.

He also said he was sure that they are both in love and that the handsome artist looks happier than ever: “They are in love and Chris has never been so happy,” said the anonymous source.

And not only did he make that known, but he revealed that the relationship becomes more formal, since he affirms that his family and friends adore Alba.

“Family and friends love her, they've been dating for over a year and it's serious.”

So far it is the only thing that is known, despite the fact that they have been seen together, neither of them has given a statement about it, which increases the rumors around it.

Alba Baptista is a 25-year-old actress and model, born in Lisbon, Portugal. She became known worldwide by starring in the Netflix series 'Warrior Nun', she is currently part of the cast of the movie 'Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris'.

The model is multilingual, she speaks 5 languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, English, German and French.

But not only is she very studious, but she also likes to support humanitarian work, which is why she has been involved with the orphanage in Cambodia.

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