Shakira is caught crying with friends in Barcelona while Pique and Clara Chia were traveling

Shakira is caught crying with friends in Barcelona while Pique and Clara Chia were traveling
Shakira is caught crying with friends in Barcelona while Pique and Clara Chia were traveling
Khushbu Kumari

They catch Shakira talking on the phone for an hour. When the Colombian hung up, she burst into tears in a park in Barcelona surrounded by friends. What happened?

The Colombian singer Shakira was seen by paparazzi and several witnesses in a park in Barcelona very close to her home. The images were broadcast on the Spanish program Salvame and there it was possible to see Gerard Pique 's ex on the phone, crying loudly and surrounded by some friends.

According to the witness who gave the exclusive to the television program, Shakira spent an hour and a half on the cell phone and when she locked it, she cried inconsolably . While this was happening, Jordi Martin managed to capture the former FC Barcelona player, Gerard Pique, in the company of his girlfriend Clara Chia Martin, on a romantic trip through the Pyrenees .

Witnesses say that Shakira spoke in English and that several people who were present realized it was her. They assure that she saw her so sad and upset, that they knew that it was not the moment to ask her for autographs or photos, because the singer of “Te Felicito” and “Ojos Asi” did not stop crying.

It was also learned that the day before, Gerard Pique attended a Kosmos event with Clara Chia and her parents, so it is not known if it was for this, for the subsequent trip to the Pyrenees or even for the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup. that the singer burst into tears when she hung up the call .

Recall that Shakira was said to sing at the opening of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. With this it would be the fourth world championship for the barranquillera. However, Jordi Martin herself posted a message on his Twitter account that set off alarms: “ Qatar ” with a little hand pointing down.

“I was with two friends and it was bad. She had a bad face and since she has arrived, she was talking on the phone in English….“Said the witness who saw Shakira and who gave the interview on Telecinco. While he showed the images of the Colombian.

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Martin, on the contrary, were working on their computers, very happy and even wearing the same Nike tennis shoes. There is no doubt that this couple is very happy. To the point that the Catalan did not attend the last baseball game of his son Milan.

In it, his companions fired the son of the famous and the little boy was even encouraged to give a few words of farewell. Her mother, Shakira, stayed by her side and the rest of the singer's relatives were also present from the stands. All this since in January, the Colombian will already be living in Miami with Milan and Sasha .

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