Trump Ally Kari Lake Loses Arizona Gubernatorial Election

Trump Ally Kari Lake Loses Arizona Gubernatorial Election
Trump Ally Kari Lake Loses Arizona Gubernatorial Election
Khushbu Kumari

Democrat Katie Hobbs won against Trump's Republican ally, in very close results that project her as the new governor of Arizona

The candidate in the race for governor of Arizona, Kari Lake, lost the elections to her opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs, adding another defeat for former President Donald Trump, who supported the Republican, one of his fiercest allies.

The former television presenter published her fury and criticized the electoral officials because they did not have the count of the complete ballots and the projections could not be given in the Arizona gubernatorial race.

The percentages of the candidates were very close, but The Associated Press revealed on Monday night that the Democrat had 50.4% and the Republican 49.6%.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is the one who will now become the governor of the state. For her part, Kari Lake had the support of Trump, and was singled out as one of the “election deniers”, for giving false statements regarding the 2020 voting.

It is also important to mention that the Republican had already threatened not to recognize these midterm elections if the results were not to her total satisfaction. With this projection favoring the Democrat, a candidate supported by Trump who loses in the elections is added, such as Senate candidate Blake Masters and Mark Finchem, who were also eliminated in the state elections.

After learning the results, Kari Lake posted on her Twitter account: “Arizonians know BS when they see it.” With this, she received several responses to her comments, including that of the Wyomingi representative, Liz Cheney, who had already criticized her.

The also vice chair of the Jan. 6 Select Committee shared a letter Lake sent her in October thanking her for an “in-kind contribution” to her campaign after making comments against her in which she wrote: “You're welcome Kari Lake.”

It is important to mention that as the projections were made public and the expected “red wave” did not arrive, former President Donald Trump expressed his anger through his social network in recent days.

Especially every time a Democrat defeats a Republican, mainly one of those he endorsed. The president angrily published that after the terrible mistakes in Arizona and Nevada , elections should be called again.

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